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HUD Affordable Housing
The foreclosure crisis is causing problems in the rental
housing market. Homeowners losing their homes are having
a difficult time finding affordable housing.
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Mortgage Rates

For week of August 21, 2014

30 yr Fixed 4.10% and 0.5 points/fees

15 yr Fixed 3.2
3% and 0.6 points/fees

5/1 yr ARM  2.9
5% and 0.5 points/fees

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Tips, news and advice on mortgages
Use Your Financial Assets To Qualify For A New Mortgage

Baby Boomers and other high net worth individuals with limited income can now purchase
homes using their financial assets. In addition, the deal is made sweeter by getting a low-rate
conforming, conventional
mortgage, thanks to the help of Freddie Mac. read more
Zombie Foreclosure Debt Follows Ex-homeowners

The term "zombie foreclosure" refers to a situation where the bank, after foreclosing on your
house, never proceeds to taking ownership.
Banks generally buy the house and resell as
soon as possible. However, in a zombie foreclosure, ownership remains with the
homeowner. read more
Michigan Bill Wants To Shorten Foreclosure Redemption

Homeowners in Michigan need to pay attention to what their lawmakers are considering
foreclosed properties. Lawmakers are thinking about changing the state's current
foreclosure law
. If approved this law would shorten the foreclosure redemption period from
six months to 60 days.
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So, You're Looking To Sell A House Fast?

You probably don't think that real estate is a fast moving industry. There are some properties
that will go quickly and there are some properties that will sit on the market for months and
sometimes years. Ever wonder why that is? What makes a quick
property sale and does it
have anything to do with what motivates the
home buyer to buy one house over another.
Five Tips For Loving Your Home Renovation For Years To

When it comes to renovating your home, you put a lot of time and money into your end
product. There is nothing worse than finishing your home improvement project only to realize
that you don’t like the finished product. While it is always a possibility, here are five tips to
help you love your
home renovation for years to come. read more
First Time Homebuyers Should Be More Aggressive In
Seeking Short Sales

Interest rates are on the rise. Housing inventory is steadily shrinking, and non-distressed
homes are selling at a premium. So, if you are shopping for a house for the first time, where
do you look? How about a
short sale? Forget all the talk about "it's a seller's market". read
Lousy Math Skills Could Land You In Foreclosure: Really?

A new study claims that if your math skills are terrible, it is a good indicator that you will end
up in
foreclosure. The authors of the research are trying to draw a direct link between
mortgage trouble and financial literacy. The study also claims that math skills were more to
blame for foreclosure than the type of
mortgage that was sold to homeowners. read more
Rising Mortgage Rates Cause Home Builders And Buyers
To Re-think Strategies

According to the U.S. Census, May was a very good month for new-home builders. Sales of
newly built homes rose to its highest level in five years. The numbers are based on signed
contracts, and this poses problems to the buyers and to the builders. Recently,
rates have risen, and this fact is sure to make buyers re-think their purchase. Many
transactions will be canceled.
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House Flipping Is Back: Home Price Appreciation Driving
The Surge

Single family home investors have been pushing the housing recovery for the last three
years. Many of them were
cash purchasers, and they bought, rented, then sold. Now the new
strategy is buy and sell before the ink dries.
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HAMP Redefaults A Problem For Obama Administration

Nearly half of the residential mortgages that were modified in 2009 under Home Affordable
Modification Program (HAMP) have defaulted, according to the Special Inspector Genera
for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP).
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Payday Loans Take Advantage Of Desperate Seniors

Twelve million Americans are trapped in high interest loans every year. The cycle never
stops and payday loan
interest rates go as high as 300 percent. Typically, a customer writes
a post-dated check to be cashed on his next payday. The fee is about $15 to $17 for each
$100 borrowed. For a 2 week loan this translates into an annual interest rate of about 390
read more
Can Crowdfunding Save Your Home From Foreclosure?

Crowdfunding is gaining interest again. This time the focus is on foreclosures. Crowdfunding
refers to the process of raising money in small amounts from several thousands of
individuals. People pool their money to support an endeavor or a cause. In addition to
starting a company, crowdfunding can be used for disaster relief, producing a movie or
getting a community project off and running. Contact is generally made among participants
over the internet.
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Pitfalls To Avoid When Buying Your Home

There are numerous issues that might kill your home purchase. Here are a few that might
surprise you.

1. Property boundaries.

If the seller has made any renovations or additions to the property, the boundary lines could
have changed.
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Need A Mortgage After Bankruptcy? FHA Cuts Waiting Time

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is making it easier for homeowners who had
experienced foreclosure or bankruptcy to re-enter the housing market and purchase a home.

The FHA is cutting the wait time to one year for homeowners. This is good news for potential
homebuyers who went through foreclosure, bankruptcy or a short sale. read more
Peer-To-Peer Lending Gets The Attention Of Wall Street

Peer-to-peer lending is an alternative to traditional  borrowing and lending. There are several
companies entering this banking niche. However, there are three firms that stand out,
LendingClub Corporation, Prosper Market Place, and Social Finance (Sofi).
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Tax Liens In DC: Suspicious Bidding Among Six
Companies Causes Other Bidders To Cry "Foul"

In 2007, at tax lien auctions in Maryland, many big players in the industry were caught in a bid
rigging scam. Here we are in September 2013, and some of the same players are at it again
in the District of Columbia.
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House Refinance Center
New York State Proposes Changes To Force-Placed

Forced placed insurance allows a lender to protect its investment by placing insurance on the
specific property. This occurs when the homeowner's insurance policy is canceled or lapsed.
In some cases the insurance might not be enough and the lender decides to top up the policy
by purchasing additional insurance. It should be noted that the
homeowner doesn't select the
insurance company.
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Property Investment Versus Binary Option Trading

If you are someone with a small amount of savings and are looking to invest your money for the
first time, the amount of investment options available to you can be overwhelming. There are
literally dozens of ways to have your money start earning money, and they each have their pros
and cons. To illustrate this, let's compare two popular investment options, property investment
and binary option trading.